January 30th Agenda

Wow, what a joy it is to see these wonderful narratives coming in. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into them. We will be showcasing these at our publication fair in April. If you are not done, please get it in as soon as possible.

  1. Tomorrow is sports jersey day and our honesty assembly.
  2. Friday is our novel study movie day. Students are allowed to bring a snack.
  3. Geometry quiz tomorrow. Students were given a review today. They can use this and the slides on the blog to study.
  4. Dance performances are scheduled for tomorrow, Friday and Monday. Be prepared with costumes or props.

January 28th Agenda

  1. Narratives are due today, if you are not done please complete as quickly as possible. Students that are not done will be asked to stay in second recess to work on narratives in my room.
  2. Tuesday – Grade 5 please bring in items you want to use for our challenge of melting the ice the fastest!
  3. Government outreach program here on Wednesday for grade 5’s.
  4. Thursday is Sports Jersey day!
  5. Listen for exciting dance activities this week.
  6. Honesty assembly Thursday periods 5+ 6
  7. Friday – novel study movies.

Agenda for January 23rd

Oh wow, another snow day. Please remember these important things.

  1. Duntroon day tomorrow, come properly dressed.
  2. Narratives are due Monday morning. Please work away on them at home. If you didn’t take them home yesterday be sure to stick it in your bag tomorrow.
  3. Friday is PD day.

January 22nd Agenda

  1. Final narratives due January 28th. Students should work away at this a little each day so they don’t feel overwhelmed this coming weekend.
  2. Duntroon day on Thursday.
  3. Check out new math slides on blog all about transformation geometry.

January 17th Agenda

  1. Rough draft of narrative and final draft title page should be done tomorrow. Final copy of whole narrative due January 28th.
  2. Grade 5’s remember to bring in materials to help you melt the ice the fastest on Monday.
  3. Check out the new Transitional Geometry Slides under the math tab.
  4. Mark’s folders signed for tomorrow. Our most recent math quiz scores are in there.

January 14th Agenda

  1. Please bring in a personal choice novel to read for our next novel study by Wednesday. We will be going to the library on Wednesday if you don’t have one from home you like.
  2. Speeches will be done in class on Thursday and Friday this week.
  3. Narratives – rough draft and title page are due on Friday. Rough draft needs to be edited by peers or can be edited by someone at home. If editing at home please try to edit the piece together. Focus on punctuation and word use. Especially look at dialog. We did a lesson on how to write dialog on Monday.
  4. Math quiz on Wednesday covering fractions. Use blog slides and practice pages to study. I am available before school on Tuesday if more help is needed or 2B on Tuesday.

January 11th Agenda

  1. Students away today please refer to the common denominator slide on the blog. It is in the fraction slides. You can practice some of the problems listed there.
  2. Prepare speeches for next Thursday.
  3. Rough drafts of Narratives will be due later next week.
  4. Grade 5’s enjoy finishing Bridge to Terabithia.

January 9th Agenda

Tomorrow is our Duntroon day. Please make sure to wear layered clothing as it is easy to get warm while skiing but then when you stand around you can get cold. Layers provide options! Bring plenty of lunch and drink. There is a canteen there where students can buy snacks, drinks or even lunch. If you send money with your child please discuss with them what you would like them to use their money on.

  • Novel study due Friday.
  • Speeches should be written by Friday to allow for time to practice.
  • Today we looked at equivalent fractions in math. This proved to be a bit tricky for us. Please refer to the slides under the math tab to give guidance at home. They also have a practice page with many problems to try in their binders.