Math Preparation

Grade 5 –

34 x 65

95 x 24

33 x 76

Solve it – Sally ran 26 miles every day for 3 weeks to raise money for her local Human Society. How far did she run total?

Grade 6

325 x 13

5430 x 24

542 x 26

2365 x 32

Nottawa school wanted to take 4 classes on a field trip to watch the Blue Jays. Each class had 26 students. Mrs. Shaw ordered 2 buses. Each bus holds 50 students. Is that enough buses? Show your work.



In preparation for our upcoming health unit on nutrition please bring in samples of the following from home.

  • Two food labels from similar food. (i.e. 2 cereal labels or 2 chip labels) We will be using these to investigate labels and do some comparison activities.
  • One drink container. (i.e. orange juice, milk jug, lemonade, pop)

Thank you!

September 24th Agenda

  1. Friday is Western Day and Caring Assembly.
  2. Friday we have Junior division chess.
  3. Friday we meet our buddies (Grade 1 class).
  4. Thursday – Terry Fox run periods 5 + 6
  5. 7 Elements of Art project due October 1st.
  6. Novel Study due Friday morning. See Language tab for questions and vocabulary.
  7. Please practice times tables at home.

September 18th Agenda

  1. Recount rough drafts will come home as homework if they were not finished today during the work period.
  2. Novel Study due Friday.
  3. Please go over times tables at home.
  4. PJ day on Friday. This was the tribal award chosen by our winning tribe, Pizza Party.