May 24th Agenda

Today we were back to normal. We worked on volume and surface area in math, started our poetry unit, started our doc poster in health for cyber bullying and had time to plan our Studio C drama skits.

  1. Next week will be daily track and field, weather permitting. Please bring appropriate shoes, clothes and maybe sunscreen.

May 22nd Agenda

Day 2 of EQAO done for the grade 6’s! Good job!! Today the grade 5’s tested their bridges. Wow, that did such an amazing job making those bridges strong! Grade 5’s also covered some important concepts about cyberbullying.

  • Please send in items for our STEAM basket for the Fun Fair by Friday.
  • Please bring good shoes for running in. We are practicing the 800 daily at school. This can be walked or ran.
  • I still need some trip forms back for our Toronto trip and the King’s Wharf theatre.

May 21st Agenda

Today I had the grade 5’s in the library building bridges while the grade 6’s took EQAO. In the middle of the day, the 5’s and 6’s enjoyed some DPA outside and a great STEAM activity together.

Things to keep in mind –

  • We need items for our STEAM Fun Fair basket. Please refer to the early post with our brainstorm web on it.
  • Tomorrow we will be having a board game period with the 6’s for their break. If you have a favourite board game at home, please bring it in to share.
  • Next week we will be doing practice Track and Field days. Please make sure students have appropriate shoes and clothes for these activities.

May 17th Agenda

  1. Please bring in an empty cereal box for Tuesday.
  2. Grade 5’s are building bridges on Tuesday. We are using glue guns. I will give students reminders of how to use these safely. Hopefully, there won’t be any burns.

May 16th Agenda

  1. Novel study due tomorrow!
  2. Jump Rope for Heart tomorrow.
  3. Next week is EQAO for grade 6. Please try to be here on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to complete this testing.
  4. Monday is a day off! 🙂
  5. Grade 5 bridge building is next Tuesday.

Fun Fair Basket

The two grade 5/6 classes are in charge of putting together a STEAM basket for the fun fair. Below is a picture of some items we thought would be great in this type of basket. We would appreciate it if donated items could be sent to school before next Friday. Thank you for your support.

May 14th Agenda

Another great day! The grade 5’s are helping me get prepared for our Jump Rope for Heart event on Friday. They are planning centres and making signs. We started our measurement unit in math and had time to work on our novel studies. Tomorrow I am away in the morning with the 5’s at RACE Against Drugs. In the afternoon, students will have time to plan their drama presentations.

  • Novel study due on Thursday.
  • Grade 6 science food web assignment due on Friday.
  • Grade 5 bridge building next week, have your design all planned!

Today we had a great day! We had gym, took a math quiz, worked on our last week of novel study and prepared for jump rope for heart! The Grade 6’s did a little bit of EQAO prep.

Tuesday – Animal Portrait art due.

Wednesday – RACE against drugs for grade 5 in the morning.

Thursday – Novel study due. Junior spring time fun outside periods 3 and 4.

Friday – Jump Rope for Heart periods 5 + 6.