New November calendar has been posted on the website.

We love our funny face pumpkins! These pumpkins helped us practice our scissor skills!

In Math, students are learning about ordinal numbers. Here they are doing pumpkin and ghost drawings by following steps using the terms first, second, third and so on.

We are having so much fun creating Halloween scenes using some fabulous crafts that were donated!

Check out Starfall

In class today we started doing our iPad rotations. We have access to 5 iPads that we can use at anytime! It’s so great. Today, students were exploring and discovering a great learning site called Starfall. If you get a chance at home, search it up and check it out. It’s great for learning letters and beginning reading skills.

Purposeful play time seems to always involve some structure building. It is so cool to see what students come up with. Here are two awesome creations from today.

What a great week!


With Year 2 students we are starting to get busy writing! Great job stretching your bubble gum.

Yoga in the gym was so much fun and relaxing.

New Lego toys delivered! So much fun creating and building.

On Friday, we had time to meet up with some grade 6 friends to do some nature rubbings and have some free play time!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

We love practicing our letters. Mrs. Entwistle and I pull small groups to help them learn how to write the letters we are focusing on. You will see these sheets come home. Please put them in their reading folders. We will be putting the Ii in for you.

Students love the sand table!

So much pattern fun this week!

We are learning how to spell our names and the names of our friends.


Bingo dabbers and ABC patterns

Each day is very busy in Kindergarten! In math, Mrs. Entwistle is focusing on patterns with students. They have covered AB and ABC patterns. A great activity to do at home is to look for patterns in our environments.

In Language, we are exploring letters and their sounds. We are also working on writing our names. Today, we named the letters in our names and made our names with bingo dabbers!

Math in nature!

Math in nature! Students collected items outside in nature and then we sorted them into groups.

The nice weather has been so wonderful. We have spent extra time outside getting exercise and practicing playing cooperatively together.

Puzzle day was a hit. Good job working together boys!