Week before March Break in pictures.

I hope these bring you a smile today! I love looking back at all the fun we have at school.

Purposeful play usually involves some type of store happening!


   We used scales in math to explore the mass of our many toys in the room.

   The dress up bucket is a great way to transform ourselves.

  The mud was so much fun! The kids love to squish their boots as far into it as they can!

We had some of our friends from another class join us for some shape block fun.


Students really enjoyed exploring surface area by covering bristol board with a variety materials and then counting how many bags or napkins it took. We learned that the smaller the object the more it took to cover the surface area.

       After we learned some interesting facts about peacocks we created our own by blowing paint to make the beautiful feathers. We will need to finish these after we return to school!

Is there any better way to learn about temperature than melting chocolate, dipping apple slices in it than letting it cool so the chocolate hardens again? As always, we use allergen friendly ingredients so we can all enjoy the delicious snacks we make in class.

This week in Kindergarten.

We explored our fruits and vegetables this week by painting with them! Lettuce, onions and celery make such beautiful prints! After the paint dried, some students worked on labelling our masterpiece with the specific fruit or vegetable name.


Math measuring fun! In the pictures you see students measuring their height using objects found in the room, measuring length down the hall and measuring distance using ramps and items brought from home. We also explored mass using the balance scales.


Other fun included practicing our sight word up, colouring our favourite fruits and playing memory match using our new cards.