We love outdoor education!

Yesterday we had a wonderful time outside. Students painted the snow, explored the forts created by the older students and played cooperatively on the rocks. Please remember to send extra mitts if possible. We were pretty wet by the end of the day yesterday!


It’s Conference Week!

We are looking forward to meeting with you all this week. We will be sharing a slideshow with you highlighting your child’s first couple months at school.

In math, students are learning how to graph a group of items. Key terms we are learning include: column, row, labels, more than, most, least and total number.

Science is amazing with Mrs. Teeter! She always comes ready with fun filled buckets! Today students were exploring nocturnal animals.

Last week, students were challenged to create a rocket ship out of building materials in class.


So much learning going on!

We focus each day on building our letter, sound and sight word knowledge. We do this through doing a variety of letter and sight word activities. It is so wonderful how quickly children learn at this age. At home, enjoy going through the letter or sight word rings with your child. Celebrate each time they add a new word or letter to their memory!

In math, students have enjoyed playing number bingo and are now beginning to learn about collecting data and graphing it!

The colder weather has arrived!

Hello Nottawa families! A couple things to remember….

  1. With the colder weather students will need all the gear to stay warm outside. We will still be spending extra time outside anytime we can. We really value our outdoor play and try to make it happen as much as possible.
  2. One way you can help us is to practice with your child putting on all these clothes. Mittens should go on last so they can work on zipping their own zippers. 🙂
  3. Please make sure to sign up for a conference in a couple weeks. We are very excited to share your child’s progress with you!

In math we are working hard on forming our numbers. It is amazing how quickly students learn to do this! We are so proud of you.

We took time to explore rainbows a bit yesterday. We wanted to add some cheery to our walls to help with the upcoming darker days outside. Can’t wait to see how these turn out today.