Bingo dabbers and ABC patterns

Each day is very busy in Kindergarten! In math, Mrs. Entwistle is focusing on patterns with students. They have covered AB and ABC patterns. A great activity to do at home is to look for patterns in our environments.

In Language, we are exploring letters and their sounds. We are also working on writing our names. Today, we named the letters in our names and made our names with bingo dabbers!

Math in nature!

Math in nature! Students collected items outside in nature and then we sorted them into groups.

The nice weather has been so wonderful. We have spent extra time outside getting exercise and practicing playing cooperatively together.

Puzzle day was a hit. Good job working together boys!

Names and outdoor learning are so much fun.

We are working on being able to recognize our names, identify all the letters in our names and even how to write our names.

Today we did math outside and practiced how to sort based on the types of clothes we were wearing, how our hair was done and many other factors.


It was a beautiful day to spend some extra time exploring outside. We found bugs, dug holes, made race car tracks and rode on scooters. With this good weather make sure to still use sunscreen. We will be out as much as we can before it gets colder.

We are having fun and learning!

In Math, students have been learning how to sort by colour, shape or size. They love exploring all the different objects they can sort.


During purposeful play time we get to see all kinds of creations built out of a variety of materials in the classroom. We love seeing the students work cooperatively to create awesome things!

Mrs. Entwistle froze some very cool toys in ice blocks last week. Students discovered that using salt you can melt ice to get out the treasures. They also used sticks and pippettes with warm water to break down the ice.


First full week together.

Our new year 1 friends did so well on Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Entwistle and I are so proud of all the students and how they transitioned into school so far! This week we will be focusing on transitioning between activities and establishing our routines. Students met Wally and Danny the Dragon this week. Danny took us on a tour of the school and Wally helps us learn about making good choices and building friendships.

I posted the September calendar on the blog under the calendar tab. I did add some more activities to it that I missed putting on the one sent home. Check it out.

Watch for pictures to be posted in the next couple weeks on the blog after we check all the permissions. The blog is a great way for you to get a better insight into your child’s day.

Looking forward to another week in Kindergarten!

We are so excited to welcome our Year 1 students tomorrow!

The first couple days of school have been wonderful. I have really enjoyed meeting all the Year 2 students. They have taught me all about the routines and transitions. We spent some time today talking about being Superhero Helpers for our new friends coming tomorrow! Each student even got an official badge.

Information packages are coming home today, please fill them out and return as soon as you can.

Thank you!