March 19th Agenda

Welcome back, I hope you had a wonderful March break!

  1. New spelling words listed in agenda. These words are all homonyms. Do you know what that is? Quiz will be on the 29th.
  2. Social Studies – First Nations Google slides are due Friday.
  3. Music – Mr. Morin is making up a music class today that was missed with the Duntroon trips. We will have music today and tomorrow.
  4. Thursday is our last trip up to Duntroon. Maybe we can ski!!! 🙂
  5. Poetry – today  we will begin our poetry unit. Students will learn about 5 different poem structures. They will write their own poems, publish them and also chose a poem to recite. Watch for more details to come.
  6. Drama presentations will be next Tuesday the 27th, after everyone is back from vacation. One of these presentations will be done at the assembly on March 29th.
  7. Junior volleyball starts this week. Mrs. Hammond and I are the coaches for the junior teams.

Note for Friday

This Friday, March 9th the Nottawa leadership squad is hosting a spring movie day to raise funds for our school’s production of Annie Jr.

We are asking for a $2.00 donation for your child to enjoy a movie with their friends. We will also have treats for sale including popcorn and beverages if the students chose to purchase. An additional toonie would cover a treat and a drink. No student will be excluded and remember that this is a great way to support activities at the school and lead into March break.

Thank you,

Nottawa Leadership Squad

Duntroon Update

We still have one more make up day for Duntroon. Currently we are scheduled to go back up for one more day on Thursday, March 22nd. I know we haven’t been able to ski and snowshoe but I have really enjoyed the predator/prey game, the wayfaring (map reading), the forces centres and the energy centres we have done. So great to be in an environment where we can be so interactive with our learning!


March 5th Agenda

  1. No spelling again this week. We will resume after the March break and will focus on spelling and grammar again.
  2. Monday – I am away at the chess tournament. It will be a normal day for students at school.
  3. Tuesday – Duntroon Highlands. We will be doing a prey vs. predator game in the woods and will spend the other half of the day learning about structures.
  4. Wednesday – we will be watching the Bridge to Terabithia movie and comparing it to the novel.
  5. Thursday – students will have a chance to cheer on the teachers or the students in the teacher/student volleyball game.
  6. Social studies – we will continue to work on our First Nations tribe project. We will also begin looking at some of the first interactions between the early European explorers and the tribes.
  7. Math – we are practicing how to draw triangles when given specific angle or side measurements. We are also reviewing how to name a triangle once you know it’s side lengths and angle measures.
  8. Please return mark’s folder as soon as possible.

February 26th Agenda

  1. Tuesday at Duntroon Highlands, we will be enjoying a science program based on energy conservation and we will enjoy some wayfaring.
  2. Friday the mark’s folders will be coming home, please sign over the weekend.
  3. Novel study – the complete novel study is due on Thursday of this week. We will be watching the movie on March 9th.
  4. Social Studies – we have begun exploring the First Nation tribes of Ontario. Students will be completing a Google Slide project on their choice tribe. More details will be posted under the social studies tab later this week.
  5. Drama – we will be working on creating our own skits demonstrating integrity. Students will be put into small groups and will work with that group to write a script using one of mine as a guide. They will then prepare and perform this skit in a few weeks.
  6. Library fun – when we go to library we typically try to discover a new technology tool that we can use. We have already covered Pic Collage, Google Slides and Pixton. This week on Friday, Mrs. Johnson is going to teaching us about coding.
  7. Math – we are reviewing drill math concepts like division and multiplication daily. Our current unit is Geometry. We have covered the names of various angles and have practiced measuring and drawing angles. We will continue to measure and draw angles this week. We will also begin to look at how to classify triangles. Check out the video and website under the math tab.

February 20th Agenda

  1. Brochures due tomorrow. They just need to be shared with me, I will print them at home so they are in colour. Take time to make sure you have no punctuation errors.
  2. Final draft of your procedures are due on Friday.
  3. Pink assembly on Friday periods 5 and 6.
  4. No spelling words this week.

February 11th Agenda

  1. Ski day on Tuesday. I love these days! Outside all day enjoying nature and having fun on snowshoes and skis. Please make sure to pack plenty of snacks and wear layered clothing. Having the right clothing can really make your day great or not so great.
  2. Novel study chapters 9 + 10 due on Friday.
  3. Math – we will continue to practice long division this week. We will also start looking at our geometry unit.
  4. Report cards come home on Friday.
  5. Valentine’s Day board games. We will devote 2 periods on Wednesday to board games and Valentine’s day fun. If students want to bring in valentines, games or treats they are welcome to but do not have to.
  6. Library on Thursday. In library, we have been exploring a program called Pixton. It is a comic generator. My class has been creating comics demonstrating inclusiveness.
  7. We will continue to work on our brochures this week. They are due Tuesday, February 20th.
  8. We are also doing a short procedural writing unit. As a culminating activity, students will write a procedure explaining a new game for gym or DPA for us to play. They will then get to teach us that game.