October 16th Agenda

  1. Science Energy projects. We have begun our Energy Google Slides project. Last week we set up our slides and I helped students with how to navigate within the slides. I intend to do a lesson on transitions this week so they can begin to use those tools to enhance their slide presentations. This project should get done at school as long as students use their time wisely. You can check out their progress by signing into their Google drive and bringing up their project.
  2. Tomorrow is Day 5 so my class has Ms. McNichol in the morning. I am away all day with the cross country team so Ms. McCarl will be in for the afternoon.
  3. Kindness Boomerang movies are coming along. They will be filming again on Monday. Hopefully we can upload these videos to their Google drives, then you will be able to see what they produced at home. That probably won’t happen until next week.
  4. Recounts are almost all in and I will be marking them this week. Next week, each student will read their recount aloud to the class. This will be a great chance for them to practice their public speaking!
  5. Spelling quiz on Thursday covering the plural nouns.
  6. Math – we are continuing with Data Management. This week we will focus in on studying a few specific types of graphs and practice drawing them. Even though we are working on graphing now, we still complete a couple math drills each week to keep working on our multiplication, addition and subtraction skills. In addition to drills we also complete a few focused problem solving questions. These are typically 2 step problem solving questions that involve any combination of addition, subtraction, division or multiplication.
  7. PD day on Friday – no school!!

Other tabs.

When you have time or just want to see what we are up to please check out the other tabs on the website. I noticed that it only sends out updates when I add a new post to the home page but not when I add something to the science or health pages. For example, today in health we looked at a variety of ads that target kids. We discussed what the ads were trying to tell us about that product and whether that was a true message or not. The video is under the health tab if you would like to have a discussion with your child as well.

October 12th Agenda

Team Giver came today to visit our school. What a great message of friendship and giving your all they delivered!

In Math today we are looking at different types of graphs and what makes them unique. We are completing a foldable journal entry that we will take notes on to help us remember the characteristics of 4 different graphs.

Recounts – we are working hard to finish up our recounts. I will mark these next week and we will be reading these aloud in class the week of Oct. 23 – 27th.

Science – we have an upcoming Google Slides project. Watch for details under the science tab on the main page.


October 10th Agenda

Today is day 5 so students have begun their day with Miss McNichol and art and dance.

Today, my class is participating in a dairy presentation. Make sure to ask what they learned about tonight over dinner.

Tomorrow, I am away at a cross country meet.

We have new spelling words, the focus this time is plural nouns. I have chosen the words this time so that they cover a few of the different rules for making a noun plural. See if your child can remember the rules. 🙂

The mark’s folder will be coming home today. Please sign the new math quiz and spelling mark in it and return by Thursday.

October 4th

This is what we are up to today…..

  1. Practice for spelling quiz.
  2. Finish up pic collage nutrition ads.
  3. Continuing to practice ordering decimals and naming decimal place values.
  4. Multiplication review math game.
  5. Recounts – type and work on title page.
  6. Start thankfulness writing.

October 2nd

  1. Spelling quiz on Thursday. Focus was proper nouns.
  2. Meet the teacher is Thursday night. 🙂
  3. I am away with the cross country team on Wednesday to a meet.
  4. Music is on Tuesday.

What is the mark’s folder? This is a way for me to keep you informed about how your child is doing on various assessments we have in class. When you see the mark’s folder come home please sign the most recent assessment and send it back to school. Please leave all assessments in the mark’s folder as it’s nice to see how they are doing over time. We will empty them at term 1 and then the end of the year.

Please, never hesitate to contact me if you have questions about assessments or anything else going on in class. It’s better to ask then to wonder. The best way to get me is email, roshaw@scdsb.on.ca