Agenda for week of June 18th

Wow, what a fun week last week! Blue Mountain, Area Track and Field and the Zoo! Loved it. This week we will just be at school doing some very important end of the year tasks.

  1. We will be finishing our novel study with an opinion paragraph.
  2. Media – students will finish their book trailers and we will watch them in class.
  3. Math – we will be spending the next two weeks doing many review activities going over all the concepts we learned throughout the year.
  4. Science – we will continue learning about our amazing bodies. We will share our digestive system models, build those lungs and possibly look at making a working arm.
  5. Tuesday we are participating in a Earth Ranger program at school.
  6. Friday is our last assembly.

The year is quickly coming to an end. It always seems to happen so fast. I have had such a wonderful time this year teaching your children. Such a wonderful bunch or enthusiastic and creative children!

The Zoo and other things.

Just a reminder that Friday we go to the zoo. Please be at the school before 8:00 as we plan to leave at 8:00 sharp. Please dress for the weather and wear sunscreen. Pack a full lunch and plenty of water. Only pack in your backpack what you need for the day. You do not need your agenda for this trip. 🙂 We plan to return around 5:00.

Today we have been working hard on a special Father’s Day gift. Students are taking this project very seriously!

We also spent time starting our model digestive systems. It has been very fun watching them create each part and discuss how it works and such.

I still hope to build the lungs but it has gotten moved to next week. It’s busy times here at school! If you do have a stronger plastic bottle at home you can bring it in to make your own lung.

Agenda for week of June 4th

  1. Please send back permission forms. We have two upcoming trips; the Toronto Zoo and Blue Mountain.
  2. Our Track and Field day is suppose to be Tuesday unless the weather does not cooperate, then it will be on Wednesday.
  3. Novel Study chapters 12 + 13 this week. Look under language tab for new questions and vocabulary.
  4. Looking for small juice containers so we can build our own lungs. Around 500 mL containers are ideal. If possible they should be a thicker plastic then the typical water bottle. If you have something like this in your recycle bin, please send it in. Thank you.

Track and Field

After school the practice changed again. There will be track and field practice tomorrow but not on Wednesday. Thursday we will be running the 800 periods 5 and 6. Our track and field day is next Tuesday, rain date is Wednesday.

Agenda for week of May 28th

  1. Friday is a PD day. No school for students.
  2. New novel study vocabulary and questions posted under language tab.
  3. Plan for track and field practice this week.
  4. Science – we are learning about the human body.
  5. Math we finish up probability unit today and will carry onto a geometry unit.

Agenda for week of May 14th

  1. Tuesday is Race Against Drugs at the Collingwood Curing Club. They said it can be cool in the building so to wear layers.
  2. Wednesday we are off to see Annie in Collingwood!
  3. Fun fair basket donations due by the 17th.
  4. Track and Field will be running this week. Come each day prepared to participate.
  5. Math – we are covering probability.
  6. Novel Study – chapters 7 + 8 are due on Thursday.
  7. Spelling test is on Thursday.
  8. Friday is a PA day, so no school for students. Enjoy the long weekend!