February 13th Agenda

  1. Tomorrow we are having a little Valentines celebration. We will finish our novel study movies, exchange cards and play some games. If you are doing cards remember to complete a card for each person in your class and you are welcome to do Mrs. Garvan’s class as well.
  2. Today we were introduced to Rosa Parks. We discussed the impact she had on equality between all races of people.
  3. Math tests are coming home tonight. Term 1 is now over so please feel free to empty the Mark’s folder to make room for term 2. Please leave the recording sheet though.

Valentine Names

Students will be allowed to exchange Valentine cards on Thursday. Please make sure if you are bringing cards to bring enough for everyone in their class. If they want to they can do both classes.

Mrs. Shaw’s Class

Faith, Riley, Graydon, Sara, Keaghan, Matthew, Claire, Lexy, Stella, Nic, Isla, Emily, Tate, Nathan, Hannah, Brock, Heather, Miranda, Riley, Marissa, Jack, Charlotte, Evan, Hunter, Haley

Mrs. Garvan’s Class

Matthew, Shepherd, Rowan, Lola, Maija, Brady, Sam, Hannah, Sam, Sydney, Claire, Sienna, Jakob, Wesley, Sam, Zach, Nathan, Alexis, Regan, Katelyn, Gabriel, Jonah, Jack, Tristan, Ashley, Hannah

It’s going to be another great week!

  • We will be reading our novels at school this week. Aim to have your book done by the start of next week.
  • We will doing a mini review unit focusing on punctuation of the next two weeks. We will be reviewing capitalization, apostrophes, commas, quotation marks and run on sentences.
  • Monday – Music!
  • Tuesday math quiz covering patterning concepts. Use slides under math tab and practice sheets to review.
  • Tuesday – Grade 5 INSULATION DEVICE day! Bring your materials in.
  • Thursday – we will be having a Valentine’s Day party. Bring treats and cards if you’d like. We will also be meeting with our Grade 1 buddies on Thursday to make Valentine bags.
  • Friday – Art and report cards come home.

February is Black History month. In class, we will be learning about black history to…..

  • Remember and give our gratitude to all the inspiring black Americans and black Canadians who helped bring about positive change so we can now live with growing equality.
  • Celebrate our differences: “It’s OK to be different”.
  • Help us “be the CHANGE we WISH to see in the world!”

Thank you to Ms. Gill for putting together all the resources!

February 7th Agenda

Welcome back from yet another no bus day. Wow, we certainly have had our fair share lately. Today we will be having a couple catch up periods for students who have missed school. We will also be continuing on with our learning in math (check out the slides under the math tab) and science.

If enough grade 5 students remembered their insulation device materials we will build today or we will wait until next week.

Tomorrow is our novel study movie day! Bring a snack if you’d like to but don’t feel like you have to.

Next week, students will need their personal novel study books at school to read.

February 4th Agenda

What a great day outside today! The weather turned out just fine. It was a little wet but still very nice. Here’s a look ahead at our week.

  1. Tuesday – remaining dance presentations and OPP kids for the grade 6’s.
  2. Math – we are focusing on patterning now. Please check out the slides under the math tab to see what we are doing.
  3. Science – later this week the grade 5’s may be building insulation devices we will discuss it in class tomorrow and potentially build on Thursday.
  4. Friday is our new movie day. Students are allowed to bring snacks.