June 25th Agenda

Today we will be enjoying some time outdoors with our buddies, learning how to play ultimate frisbee, checking out the grade 4 castles and playing board games with Mrs. Garvan’s class.

Wednesday – Talent Show

Thursday – Nottawa Baseball Diamond. We will be walking down after first recess and staying until around 2:15. While we are there students can enjoy the park, have a picnic lunch and play some games.

June 18th Agenda

Today we had fun! We organized our art folders to come home, worked on problem solving in math, played a great game of baseball and built Q Tip Launchers.

  1. Growth and development unit starting this week. If your parents have any questions they can contact me.
  2. Please bring in an extra bag on Friday for desk clean out. Next week, students will be allowed to sit where they would like in the classroom so they will only need their binders and a pencil. All other desk contents can go home.

June 17th Agenda

Today students will have French, Free Write, Math, Gym and Science. The sun is shining so we will get outside for gym.

  1. Please bring in a 2L pop bottle if you have one at home for our bottle rockets STEM project.
  2. Grade 5 please bring in a plastic bottle for you model lung. Gatorade bottles are usually good for this.
  3. On Wednesday we are playing board games with our buddies. If you have a game at home you would like to bring in that is appropriate for grade 1, please do so.

June 14th Agenda

Next week will be filled with buddy activities, math review, science, poetry, outside gym and STEM activities.

Please bring in a 2 L empty bottle if possible.

Grade 5’s bring in a strong plastic bottle to make a model lung with.

Have a wonderful weekend!

June 13th Agenda

What a great day yesterday at King’s Wharf! I had never been and I was really impressed by how professional it was. Today we are back to normal. We started off with poetry, then math and finished off with science.

  1. Mrs. McTaggart’s retirement celebration assembly is tomorrow! Please wear camp gear if possible.
  2. Wrinkle in Time movie is tomorrow. Snacks are allowed.
  3. Please bring in a 2 Litre pop bottle for next week if you have one at home. We will be using them for a STEM activity.
  4. In math we are doing review of concepts learned through out the year. We will be reviewing multiplication, division and problem solving first.

June 10th Agenda

  1. Area Track and Field is tomorrow.
  2. King’s Wharf is on Wednesday. Please wear dressy clothes for this field trip. We discussed in class some ideas for this.
  3. Friday is our movie day for Wrinkle in Time and we are celebrating Mrs. McTaggart. For her special day we are asking students to wear basketball or camping clothes.

June 6th Agenda

What a perfect day for Track and Field!!!

  1. Drama presentations are tomorrow.
  2. Grade 5 science quiz tomorrow. Use blog to help you know what to study. We have reviewed this quite a few times in class.
  3. Surface Area retest tomorrow.

Looking ahead to next week – Area Track and Field is in Stayner on Tuesday. King’s Wharf trip is on Wednesday.

June 3rd Agenda

Today we had a period to film drama presentations. Students will have another period of Thursday for this. We will share these presentations on Friday. We also enjoyed 2 last periods of track and field practice! In math, we looked at surface area more closely. This was a very tough part of our quiz and we will be all taking that part again.

Important reminders about our ROM/Ripley trip tomorrow:

  1. Bring a full lunch, snacks and water. We will not be buying any food.
  2. Wear comfortable walking shoes, we will be on our feet all day.
  3. Be here at 6:45! We will be home around 5:00.
  4. There is a gift shop at Ripley’s if you would like to bring money to buy something.

Track and Field day on Wednesday (weather dependent)

Surface Area retest quiz on Friday.

Drama presentations due Friday.

May 30th Agenda

Such a fun day! Assembly, track and field, a math quiz and then time outside! 

1. On Tuesday, we are off to Toronto. Students need to come to school early that day.

2. On Wednesday, we have our Track and Field day.

3. Grade 5 science quiz, next Thursday. After that we will start our unit on the Human Body.

4. Continue to work on drama presentations. We will present these next Friday.

May 27th Agenda

Today we will finalize a paragraph letter writing activity, practice surface area, work on our drama skits and enjoy two periods of track and field activities.

  1. Final draft of paragraph writing due on Wednesday.
  2. Measurement quiz on Thursday.
  3. Desk change on Wednesday.
  4. Fun Fair on Thursday!
  5. Beach day and respect assembly on Thursday at 9:15.
  6. Grade 6 Health project due on Tuesday.
  7. Grade 5 Health project due on Wednesday.
  8. No school Friday.