Week of June 19th

Tomorrow is Blue Mountain!

If you are coming as a parent volunteer, please consider swimming with us at the Plunge. I will be in swimming, it will be fun. Make sure students come with:

  • hat and/or sunscreen
  • running shoes, must be close toe
  • plenty of lunch and water
  • There will be a short period of time at lunch to go and get something in the village.  However, they should not count on this being long enough to buy their full lunch.
  • an easy going attitude as the weather looks interesting at the moment.

I’m looking forward to a fun day outside with my great class.

Agenda for week of June 5th.

  1. Algebra quiz on Tuesday. Use post on blog under math tab to study. I have pushed back the geometry quiz until next Monday. There will be review for that under the math tab as well, later this week.
  2. On Tuesday, we will review chapters 9 + 10 and begin reading chapters 11 + 12.
  3. Fun Fair is Thursday, hope to see you all there!
  4. Friday is a PD day. No school for students.
  5. We are continuing to work on our Social Studies projects at school. They are progressing well.
  6. We are finishing up our book trailers in the next 2 weeks. Some students are already done. We have a 2 period work period for this today.
  7. Blue Mountain trip forms are coming home, please return. Thank you.
  8. Jump Rope for Heart is June 12th. Please donate if you are able.

Agenda for week of May 29th

  1. Thank you for the games you have sent in. We are accepting Board Game Night items until June 1st.
  2. Grade 6 will be writing EQAO Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.
  3. Tuesday is Day 1 and Music.
  4. Gym – we will be playing some baseball this week. If you are able to bring a glove please do but please make sure your name is written on it somewhere. We will be careful to make sure these don’t go missing. Gym is scheduled for Monday and Thursday.
  5. Math – Grade 5 will be reviewing algebra concepts this week. We will be having a quiz June 6th covering this.
  6. Science – this week we will start our last science unit.       Gr. 5 – Human Body      Gr. 6 Biodiversity
  7. Gr. 5 Social Studies – I will work on marking the First Nations Slides this week. Comments and marks will be on their slides. We will continue to research the Early Europeans and how they came to Canada.
  8. Gr.6 Social Studies – after EQAO the 6’s will begin to work on a project researching an NGO. Watch for details on this project under the Social Studies tab.
  9. Novel Studies – chapters 7 + 8 should by read by Wednesday. We are continuing to work on our book trailers on iMovie. They are coming along nicely. I have not set a due date for these yet.

Agenda for week of May 23rd

  1. Wednesday – student should be done reading chapters 5 and 6 in our novel study.
  2. Wednesday – Grade 5’s you have one last period to tidy up your First Nations project. Please share your project with me on the drive. I will mark them on your slides so you can see comments and mark.
  3. This week we will have a period to work on our book trailers we are making on the iPads. If possible watch the samples again that we watched in class so you can get ideas and think about how you want your trailer to look.
  4. Beach day on Friday!!! Hope it’s warm.
  5. Fun Fair is coming up. Thank you for sending in some games for our basket. If you haven’t yet and are able to, it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  6. EQAO for grade 6 starts May 30th.

Ready to cook?

Tomorrow we are off for another field trip. Wow, lucky students and teacher! In the morning we are off to Loblaws to take a nutrition class in the isles and then participate in an hour long cooking class. Please remember to bring in your form if you have not already done so. I am still missing some. The Peak FM will be covering this trip and taking pictures. This trip is a reward for the students working hard all year making sure that the snacks get put out and put away in the office and for their daily service as lunch helpers. We have all appreciated their help!

St. Marie Among the Hurons


Tomorrow we will take part in the following program. Weather looks interesting, dress appropriately. If you have never been to St. Marie, check out their website.

Spend a rewarding day with your class in the vibrant past of Ontario at the mission headquarters of Sainte-Marie. This experience includes an extensive tour of the site, and hands-on workshops that encourage interaction and understanding. Work with clay, play some of Canada’s oldest games including lacrosse, and explore the related past in the museum. Your students will enjoy a day like no other.