September 18th Agenda

  1. Recount rough drafts will come home as homework if they were not finished today during the work period.
  2. Novel Study due Friday.
  3. Please go over times tables at home.
  4. PJ day on Friday. This was the tribal award chosen by our winning tribe, Pizza Party.

September 17th Agenda

  1. Math quiz Tuesday.
  2. Art – 7 elements of art project.
  3. Novel Study – due Friday. Read to page 37. Write vocabulary sentences and complete two APE questions in Language Journal. We will have three 50 minutes periods in school to work on these tasks, usually on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Some may need to be done as homework if students don’t finish in class time.

September 14th Agenda

  1. Math quiz Tuesday.
  2. Rough draft of recount due end of day on Tuesday. We have 3 more full periods to complete this.
  3. Binder organization – we are going to use a new method to help us stay organized. If possible please get a binder and dividers to send with your child for Monday. If this isn’t possible please send a note with your child and I will help them. Thank you for helping us stay organized!
  4. Have a wonderful weekend!

September 13th Agenda

  1. Identity Grids due tomorrow.
  2. Math quiz on Tuesday.
  3. Recounts – we are working on our rough drafts. The recounts are focused on retelling some events from their summer. Recounts must be at least 5 paragraphs long. This includes an introduction paragraph, three main body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph. The goal is to have rough drafts done by the end of the day on Tuesday. Then we will begin to type our final drafts on our Google Drive accounts. Students are also required to create a title page for their recount that represents their summer. We will begin this today.

September 12th Agenda

  1. Math Switch – on a weekly basis we will be doing a focused grade level math period. The 6’s are all grouped together and the 5’s are all grouped together. We focus on fundamental math skills and problem solving skills.
  2. Summarizing a text
  3. Social Studies – on days 2 and 4 we split up to have focused social studies periods. Mrs. Garvan will be in charge of the grade 6’s and Mrs. Shaw will be in charge of the grade 5’s.
  4. Happy Birthday Graydon!!

September 11th Agenda

  1. Recounts – So far we have reviewed how a recount is set up and have practiced writing a short recount by sharing about our weekends. Today we will begin filling in a graphic organizer and do a bit of brainstorming for our summer recount.
  2. Reading – We are reviewing what it means to summarize a text. Next week we will begin our first novel studies. Grade 5 will be reading, BFG and Grade 6 will be reading, Maniac Magee.
  3. Math – Jump review sheets practicing expanded form and base 10 representation.
  4. Please sign math journal so I know a parent at home has seen this.

September 10th Agenda

  1. Identity grids are due Friday. May need to be homework if not done in class.
  2. Recounts
  3. Math
  4. Extra help – throughout the year I will devote Wednesday mornings 8:00 – 8:40 and Thursday afternoons 3:30 – 4:10 to any students that need extra help or time to complete tasks. If a student can’t make one of these times, I’m happy to meet with them during a lunch or recess if they let me know in advance. I am here to help so make sure to ask if it’s needed.
  5. Gym shoes needed for tomorrow.