A busy week ahead!

This is our last week at school before the Christmas holidays. We have some special activities planned for this week.

Tuesday – Business Fair. The grade 6 students will be partnering with us when the fair opens on Tuesday morning. They will help students spend their money at the fair. Some of the items being sold include; treats, hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, Christmas ornaments, handmade board games and cheese boards. Please feel free to join us as well on Tuesday morning to enjoy this great event. All money raised goes towards helping our grade 8’s pay for their special grade 8 trip. Due to the fair, chicken nuggets will be coming on Wednesday instead.

Wednesday – carol singing in the gym. Chicken nuggets will be coming today instead of yesterday.

Thursday – Empathy assembly at 9:15. Carol singing in the gym. Santa will be visiting from 1:30 – 2:30 today to accept items donated for My Friends House. Please refer to note we sent home last week regarding this.

Friday – PJ day!!! I’m pretty excited about this one. 🙂 Periods 1 and 2 we will watch a Christmas movie being put on by the Leadership team. We will also be enjoying a special treat that we will be making together in class! Just a quick reminder that we are asking for no treats to be sent in to the class for Christmas. We want to keep our classroom a safe place to be for all of our students. Below is a picture of what we will be making together.

Grinch Fruit Kabobs!

It will be a fun packed week!