Independent Novel Study: Term 2

  1. Title  ______________________________________________/.5
  2. Author ______________________________________________/.5
  3. Publisher ______________________________________________/.5
  4. Date of Publication__________________________________/.5
  5. Number of Page_____________________________________/.5
  6. Overall Rating (out of five stars) ________________________ /.5
  7. Why did the author choose this title for the story? How does it relate to the story? /2
  8.  Does the opening sentence in the novel grab your attention? Why? Or Why not? /2
  9.  List four examples of descriptive language in the novel. Type the full sentence, underline the descriptive language and list the page number.  /4
  10. (APE) Describe one of the main characters in the novel and identify what role that character plays. /4
  11. (APE) Describe the setting of your novel. Could it exist in real life?/4
  12. (APE) Is your novel fiction or nonfiction. Explain. /4
  13.  Summarize the story in paragraph form. /4
  14. (APE) Pick one character from the story. Are they good (a protagonist) or bad (an antagonist). /4
  15. If you were making a movie of the story, where would you do the filming? Explain. /1
  16. What movie stars would you select to portray the major characters in the novel. Explain. /1
  17. If you could change one thing about the story, what would it be? /1
  18. Write and Draw a character sketch for one of the major characters. In the written description include:
  • How s/he looks, dresses, walks, etc
  • What s/he thinks and feels
  • What other characteristics say about him/her.

Be sure to include a physical description as well as a personality description with proof from the story. /6

  1. Select 6 of the following options. Include as much detail as possible. Each activity is worth 10 marks for a total of 60 marks in this section.
  • Write a will for one of the characters. The will must include how the character would like his/her estate (prize possessions) to be distributed.
  • Write a letter to one of the characters who had a difficult decision to make. Offer your support of some gentle criticism of the choice that s/he made.
  • Write a letter to the author of the book telling him/her what you thought of the book. Explain why you felt the way you did about the book.
  • Make a time capsule for your story. Collect/create objects related to the novel. Put them in a shoe box. Label the box with the book title, and author’s name. Include a brief description as to why you chose each item.
  • Make a collage poster for your book representing the characters main events and other important story elements.
  • Draw a detailed map of the setting of the story.
  • Design a new cover for the book.
  • Pick a character from your story and make a “Wanted poster” for them.






What is an APE answer?

A – Answer it.

  • What is the answer to the question you have been asked? Make sure to restate the question in your answer. Remember what you read, don’t guess.

P – Prove it.

  • Choose a quotation from the reading that helped you answer the question.

E – Explain it.

  • Why did that quotation help you answer the question? Give as much detail as possible.

A Parent’s Guide to Novel Study. 

Most weeks, during our novel study units, we will follow the following schedule. Knowing this can help you ask your child direct questions about their progress each week.

  • Friday – Reading assigned. Vocabulary and questions posted on blog for reference.
  • Monday – Discussion in class regarding vocabulary and time to work.
  • Tuesday – Independent work period in class.
  • Wednesday – Group question time and time to work.
  • Thursday – Novel studies are due in the morning. If not done then students can use homework club to finish up or they can get help from me if needed.


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