Week 6 – BFG read the rest of the book

  1. Describe the Queen’s plan for the giants. For your E, explain what you would do with the giants.

Week 6 – Maniac Magee read the rest of the book

  1. Discuss your two favourite parts of the book. (APE)

Week 5 – BFG pg. 125 – 153

  1. How does Sophie plan on stopping the giants? (I)
  2. On pg. 138 the BFG leaned forward and kissed [Sophie] gently on the cheek. Why did Sophie feel like crying? (I)
  3. Describe the Queen of England. (G)

Vocab: The Giant often gets sayings and words mixed up. Think of three popular sayings you know. Change one word so they are in “giant speak.”

For example: Be there or be a triangle.

Week 5 Maniac Magee – pg. 121 – 152

Ind. Questions:

  1. At the end of Chapter 35, Maniac asks himself, “what am I doing here?” Where do you think Maniac wants to be? Who does he want to be with (APE).
  2. There are a lot of colourful, unique characters in Maniac Magee. Who is the most interesting to you? Why? (APE)

Group Question:

3) Is Maniac a hero? Why? (APE)


Week 4 – BFG  Pg. 97 – 124

  1. What did the BFG do with the dream jars? (I)
  2. How did Sophie feel about the other giants? (I)
  3. Why should students read the BFG? (G) Write a persuasive argument!


  1. Define 2) Identify the part of speech 3)   Write in a sentence

writhing            bellow           understand          translucent

Week 4 – Maniac Magee Pg. 96 – 118

Independent Question:

  1. At the end of Chapter 29, Maniac paints the numbers 101 on the equipment room door. Why is this an important moment in the book? What does the painting symbolize? (APE)

Group Question:

2) Grayson and Maniac teach each other throughout the novel. Describe one of these moments and highlight why it is an important lesson.

Vocabulary: Define the following AND write a sentence.

rookie            budget        blarney    syllable       consciousness

Week 3 – 

BFG Pg. 64 – 96

  1. Every good story has a problem and solution. What is a problem you have identified in BFG so far? How do you think this problem will be solved? (I)
  2. Is the BFG a victim?  Why or why not? (I)
  3. Describe dream country. (G)

Vocab: 1) Find the definition for the word, 2) Find the part of speech, 3) Put the vocab word into a sentence.

galloping              dusk                  disappear

Maniac Magee Pg. 79 – 95

  1. What is Jeffery’s reason for avoiding school?(I)
  2. Do you think Jeffery will stay with Grayson? Why or why not? (I)
  3. What do Grayson’s questions about the Beals tell you about him? (G)

Vocabulary: Find and write the definitions for the following words. Next write the part of speech for each word (i.e. adjective, verb, adverb, noun, etc). Lastly, write each word in a sentence.

      hoist                 prompt               roster   


Week 2 –

BFG  Week 2: Pg. 38-69

  1. What is the main idea of the reading this week?
  2. Summarize the what happened in this reading.
  3. Is BFG a fiction or nonfiction text? Give 3 examples from the text that support your opinion. (Group Question)

Define the following words. Write a sentence that highlights your understanding of the word. Underline the vocabulary word.

shiver      offended        coarse         suspicious

Novel Study: Maniac Magee (Week 2) Pg. 38 – 78

  1. Visualization helps authors communicate ideas to the reader. How do you see Maniac Magee? (APE)
  2. Summarize what happens in this reading.
  3. Many of the street kids in Maniac Magee have nicknames. Pick one of these kids and describe what they look like. (Group Question)

No vocabulary this week. Instead I’d like you to create a character sketch of Maniac Magee. Must be on white paper and should be at least ½ the page.

Week 1 –

BFG – Read pages 9 – 37

Vocabulary – slipped, crouched, desolate, bought, fierce

This week, please find the vocabulary word used in the text. Write the sentence that it is used in. In class we will define these words together.

Questions –

  1. Is the BFG a villain? Why or why not?
  2. Describe the setting of the novel. 

Maniac Magee – Read to page 37

Vocabulary – trestle, suspicious, musicale, risers, hesitateThis week, please find the vocabulary word used in the text. Write the sentence that it is used in. In class we will define these words together.

Questions –

  1. Is Maniac Magee an appropriate title for this book? Why or why not? 
  2. Why did Amanda find it especially unusual to find Jeffrey on her street that morning?

What is an APE answer?

A – Answer it.

  • What is the answer to the question you have been asked? Make sure to restate the question in your answer. Remember what you read, don’t guess.

P – Prove it.

  • Choose a quotation from the reading that helped you answer the question.

E – Explain it.

  • Why did that quotation help you answer the question? Give as much detail as possible.A Parent’s Guide to Novel Study. 
  • Most weeks, during our novel study units, we will follow the following schedule. Knowing this can help you ask your child direct questions about their progress each week.Friday – Reading assigned. Vocabulary and questions posted on blog for reference.Tuesday – Discussion in class regarding vocabulary and time to work.Wednesday – Group question time and time to work.

    Thursday – May or may not get a period at school to work on questions. Depends on the week.

    Friday – Novel studies are due in the morning. If not done then students can use homework club to finish up or they can get help from me if needed.


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