What is an APE answer?

A – Answer it.

  • What is the answer to the question you have been asked? Make sure to restate the question in your answer. Remember what you read, don’t guess.

P – Prove it.

  • Choose a quotation from the reading that helped you answer the question.

E – Explain it.

  • Why did that quotation help you answer the question? Give as much detail as possible.

A Parent’s Guide to Novel Study. 

Most weeks, during our novel study units, we will follow the following schedule. Knowing this can help you ask your child direct questions about their progress each week.

  • Friday – Reading assigned. Vocabulary and questions posted on blog for reference.
  • Monday – Discussion in class regarding vocabulary and time to work.
  • Tuesday – Independent work period in class.
  • Wednesday – Group question time and time to work.
  • Thursday – Novel studies are due in the morning. If not done then students can use homework club to finish up or they can get help from me if needed.


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