You may have heard your child talking about tribal points. Here’s how tribes work in my classroom. Every 3 weeks or so we will do a desk change. Each time we do this your child is organized into a new tribe. They will come up with a tribal name and work together for the next 2 weeks or so to earn points for a tribal award. Points are given for the following things:

  • Showing kindess
  • Working hard in class
  • Completing cleaning tasks
  • Keeping the hallway tidy
  • Bringing back forms and mark’s folder in a timely manner
  • Helping classmates
  • As a class we chose tribal point rewards. We are all excited to earn some rewards!!

In our class we will….

  1. Work as a team.
  2. Be responsible.
  3. Listen to others.
  4. Be respectful to everyone.
  5. Be kind and helpful.
  6. Do our best.
  7. Have fun learning.

Today we wrote this in our agendas as a reminder of how we want to behave at school. What an excellent class of students!